Save energy

The ability to monitor and record energy consumption allow you to analyse your energy use and take steps to use it efficiently. Save energy = Save money.

The metering and monitoring system allows you to set up you meters and either manually or automatically record your consumption data.

Metering & Monitoring

  • The metering and monitoring section enables both manual and automatic meter readings to be logged.
  • Utility bills can be uploaded and stored for review and audit purposes.
  • The consumption data can be analysed in terms of energy consumed and costs.

Start Saving Now

  • Basic set up
  • 1. Set up the metering - enter a minimum level of information on each meter and the system will present you with an automatically generated metering diagram.
  • 2. Enter your metering data manually. You can take meter readings as often a you want and set up automatic meter reading email reminders
  • 3. That's it, view your entry patterns in kWh, £ and carbon consumption.
  • 4. Share this information with your colleagues and start saving.


  • Meter & Monitor all energy types.
  • Display current and historical data and trends
  • Link-in Automatic Meter Readings (AMR Meters)
  • Analyze your savings
  • Upload utility bills
  • Set automated reminders for regular meter readings
  • Web & Mobile Access

Smart Metering



"The government has unveiled plans for every home in Britain to be equipped with smart meters"


"I've managed to save about a tenth, both on energy and gas, since having the smart meter because its made me conscious of the energy I'm using" - BBC News Report

  • Building Regulations Part L2

    Part L2 regulatory requirement is to reduce building energy

  • Carbon Footprint

    Save Carbon & Save Energy

  • Action Energy Good Practice Guide